Our Beliefs

Crestview Christian Church is a small, vibrant growing church family with a very big heart. The following are a few brief descriptions of Crestview:


  • No Creed but Christ: Crestview does not have a long and detailed doctrinal statement that must be confessed or adhered to in order to be a part of us. We have one confession that we say every Sunday together… “I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God and my personal Lord and Savior”


  • Priesthood of the Believer: This principle follows the above idea. We allow and encourage members to develop their own interpretations based upon the prayerful study of the scriptures. The preacher and teachers assist in our growth in the knowledge of God’s Word, but every Christian is responsible to seek their own interpretations about Biblical themes and doctrinal positions.


  • Congregational Harmony: Again, this principle flows from the above ideas. This may be different from other churches you may have experienced. Most Christians have doctrinal positions. We share those in the preaching and teaching ministries of the church. We learn from one another. We also respect one another’s differences. Can so called “charismatics” and “noncharismatics” worship and serve together? They do here at Crestview. Can Christians who believe in a “pre-tribulational/pre-millennial rapture” of the church serve together with Christians with an “a-millennial perspective” of eschatology (doctrine and study of last things)? They do in this church. We each have beliefs and interpretations about the Bible…but those interpretations ARE NOT the Bible.


  • Non-political nature of the church: You will not hear the preacher talking about politics from the pulpit or encouraging members to vote for any political party or issue. We have members who are passionate about their own political beliefs and work for various causes. We think that is wonderful. However, there is no “official” church position in the realm of politics.


  • Church is about the Gospel: We are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is the only real unction of the Holy Spirit in terms of New Testament authority and direction. Christ died for sinners…to bridge the gap between sinful people and a Holy God. This passion shows in every thing we do at Crestview…and what we do not do.


  • The End Result at Crestview: With all of the above in view, Crestview is a very unique place. We have folks here from all kinds of church backgrounds loving Jesus and each other and serving together. We have lots of folks who have experienced “church-hurt” in other Christian circles due to unfortunate divisions in the Body of Christ. We have people seeking to escape the church environments that seek to force every minor/non-essential doctrinal position on its members. We strive to be a loving and accepting place that passionately loves Jesus and seeks to be a part of the growth of His kingdom on this earth and in the hearts of people.


  • Worship Style:  We value all types of music at Crestview. We have traditional, contemporary and southern gospel styles expressed in the worship service. There is literally something for everyone. We have piano, organ, acoustic guitar and percussion—all balanced such that the congregation can still hear each other singing! We want to be a blessing to our Lord and Savior as we offer praises unto our Glorious King!


  • The Lord’s Supper: We take Communion each and every Sunday. It is a moving time of private and intimate worship and communion with the Risen and Majestic Christ. All believers and followers of Christ are encouraged to participate regardless of their church membership.
  April 2021  
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